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(SEE ALL)Gwen Olsen discusses the exponential increase in the use of psychotropic drugs and how a big pharma Soma State is being forced upon us turning our children into zombies as we enter into a Brave New World. Ex-Pharma Sales Reps talks about manipulating doctors to sell more drugs. In these video's Gwen discusses some of the tactics used by some pharmaceutical sales reps to get doctors to prescribe their drugs. This included tactics like minimizing harmful side effects to doctors, presenting statistics in a slanted way, accusing anyone that speaks out against psychiatric drugs as being a Scientologist, psychological profiling of doctors to best know how to convince them to prescribe your drugs, etc.Gwen Olsen spent fifteen years as a sales rep working for such health care giants as Johnson & Johnson, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Abbott Laboratories. She enjoyed a successful, fast-paced career until several conscious-altering experiences began awakening her to the dangers lurking in every American medicine cabinet. Her most poignant lessons, however, came as both victim and survivor of life-threatening adverse drug reactions. She is currently a writer, speaker, and natural health consultant. Gwen has written a book called, "Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher"

DEADLY POISONS - Vaccination Shots the Shocking Truth!

(SEE ALL)Vaccine Hoax Exposed!!! This is the shocking but extremely informative documentaries "Vaccination - The Hidden Truth" where 15 people, including Dr. Viera Scheibner (a PhD researcher), five medical doctors, other researchers, and parents' experiences, reveal what is really going on in relation to illness and vaccines. It shows that parents are not being told the truth by the media, the Health Department and the medical establishment, with a medical doctor, Dr. Mark Donohoe, confessing that "It is a problem for me that I am part of a profession that is systematically lying to people." (Please pass this on to friends & family)

DEADLY POISONS - Fluoride Deception (It's a Rat Poison!!!)

(SEE ALL) The dangers of fluoride use have been generally ignored by health professionals and communities at large. "It's a rat poison," Fluoride is added to the water supply of two thirds of America's cities. It's also in toothpaste, and in many other products one wouldn't suspect, such as canned beverages, baby food, pharmaceuticals, and pesticides, she said. Numerous studies show that fluoride does not prevent tooth decay, and in some cases actually contributes to poor dental health. Additionally, some studies have shown that children in communities that have higher levels of fluoride in their water have up to 10% lower IQs, than in locations with lower levels of the chemical. This kind of "mass medication" doesn't take into account "bio-individuality," and is particularly harsh on children, she indicated.

DEADLY POISONS - Aspartame the Artificial Sweetner

(SEE ALL) Aspartame (E951) is an artificial sweetener, used in over 6000 products. Aspartame is a very sweet chemical, responsible for many health problems including obesity, diabetes, cancer, brain diseases, migraines, depression, personality change, ADHD, etc. The US Department of Health has recorded 92 symptoms following complaints about aspartame. In fact, over 80% of all complaints filed with FDA are aspartame related! In fact, aspartame is a very sweet poison 'designed' to make people sick so the pharmaceutical industry can sell expensive medication to 'treat' the chronic diseases that are caused by it.

HEALTH & FOOD INDUSTRY that will scare the shit out of you!

(SEE ALL) Why are we so brainwashed by the corporate media? Why do we care more about American Idol and sports games than being poisoned with mercury in our vaccinations and sodium fluoride in our water supply? People needs to wake up and get the facts about our chemical manipulation before it's too late. Codex Alimentarius allows high levels of 7 of the 9 most toxic pesticides in the world, in our food. These compounds are so toxic that the Stockholm Convention (PDF) was created to eliminate them from the planet. Codex, however, allows them in your food along with 206 other toxic pesticides. The levels allowed are nothing short of disgraceful.The more pesticides we have in our bodies, the more ill we are. The more ill we are, the more drugs we will buy. Sad but true, a host of profitable diseases "treated" with lots of poisonous drugs which have, I believe, virtually no place at all in dealing with health promotion, disease prevention or treatment of any chronic, degenerative condition.

HAARP Technology - Modifying Our Weather


(SEE ALL) World Without Cancer author G. Edward Griffin exposes how corrupt politics prevent real cancer cures from reaching the public. WATCH OR DOWNLOAD WHOLE INTERVIEW:
Thirty-one years ago, a man wrote a book exposing the politics involved in cancer therapy. It painted a picture of a world in which an effective control for cancer existed but was outlawed because it couldn't line the pockets of the powerful pharmaceutical industry. In 31 years, little has changed. G. Edward Griffin's 1974 book World Without Cancer is as poignant today as the day it was written, and in some circles, just as controversial. That's because Griffin tells the story of a powerful substance that, despite its potential to aid in the fight against cancer, few cancer sufferers will ever know about, and that their doctors certainly will not offer them. That substance is vitamin B-17, also called Laetrile, and it is a naturally-occurring substance that has been banned for use in the control of cancer in the United States.


(SEE ALL)This is a serious call to action folks. We have now reached a huge crisis point in terms of our freedom of speech and our freedom to access information from non-corporate sources. We can either do nothing and just watch the Internet being dismantled before our very eyes, or we can take action now and salvage what's left of the Internet as it stands today.
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